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Community support on our petition helps us demonstrate to decision makers at the Forest Service, the City of Bakersfield, and the County of Kern that is is a project residents care about. Sign and share the petition to do your part.

Digital social media

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Stay in touch with us via Facebook or Instagram for future events, like hikes on sections of the proposed trail. See the content we're putting out and get stoked about this trail becoming a reality. 

Hands on Deck

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Email is a great way for you to be the first to know about important developments related to the trail. Don't miss any updates or calls to action where you can make a difference on this project.

High Fives

Volunteer with us

Join the core team of volunteers working diligently to make this trail a reality. Regardless of your skillsets, if you are enthusiastic about this project and willing to volunteer your time, we can use your help! Subscribe for our email updates and tell us how you'd like to be invovled.

Take Action: Take Action
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